CONVICTED SEX OFFENDER AVOIDS MEGAN’S LAW (Police say that a convicted sex offender avoided the law by hiding out in his parent’s Penn Township, Butler County home)


Raymond Michael Seybert, a 21 year old convicted sex offender, was convicted last year ofsexually assaulting a 9 year old girl in Butler, Pa., after police arrested him in Houston.Seybert, as a convicted sex offender, was supposed to register his whereabouts under Megan's Lawbut he found a loophole. He registered under Megan's Law with a false address, he used hisgrandmother's house in Sarver, Butler County, but lived with his parents in a trailer park in PennTownship. So, neighbors never knew about him until WTAE-TV's Ted Koppy told them. On July 22, PennTownship police arrested Seybert for allegedly raping a local 14 year old girl. He is not is theButler County jail, charged and arraigned for Megan's Law registration violations. His parents,Melvin and Theresa, are charged with hindering prosecution for allegedly giving police falseinformation about where their son was living.