COTHERN TO BE ARRAIGNED MONDAY (Sex Offender caught with multiple images) Jansa
John Richard Cothern, 43, was arrested July 13 and charged with five counts of possessingdepictions of minors engaged in sexually explicit conduct.  He is the first person to becharged under a new amendment to House Bill 2424 that allows for multiple counts to be filedagainst a person with many, even thousands, of illegal depictions of children being sexuallyabused.  During the course of his interview with the police, Cothern admitted to having sexwith eight child victims during the course of his life and to viewing images that depicted childpornography on his computer.  In 1994, he was convicted of child molestation in the firstdegree and in 2001, for possession of child pornography.  Cothern is one of 161 sexualpredators living within a two-mile radius of Queen Anne.