Xiana Fairchild, 7 years old, was reported missing December 9th,1999 after she failed to come home from school.  A $50,000 reward for information leading tothe arrest and conviction of the person who abducted her has been offered by the governor's office. Her mother, Antoinette Robinson, called Mare Island Elementary School and that's when shelearned that Xiana had not shown up at school at all that day.  The mothers' boyfriend,Robert Turnbough, gave police conflicting accounts of the morning Xiana disappeared.  Firstsaying he had dropped her off at her usual school bus stop at 7:30 a.m. but since then, he hasstated that she may have walked the three blocks to the stop, as she usually did. Authorities said they have followed up on more than 800 leads with no significantresults.


Curtis Dean Anderson, 39, is charged with kidnapping, aggravatedsexual assault on a minor, rape and two counts of oral copulation after kidnapping 8-year-old MidsiSanchez. She spent two nights shackled to the front seat of Anderson’s car, then finallyseeing her chance to make a dash for freedom and taking it – she may have saved her own life.She tried to pick the lock of her leg shackles Friday with a nail file, but the tip broke off soshe abandoned that plan. She spent Thursday and Friday night sleeping on the front seat of herabductor’s car. Saturday morning, with her abductor outside the car, she seized theopportunity to rummage through a ring of keys until she found one that set her free. She ran fromthe car, flagged down a truck driver, climbed up the steps of his cab and dove through the windowonto his lap. Midsi was home by Saturday evening and Anderson, who was released from prison inNovember for a previous kidnap conviction, was behind bars. Anderson was released from prison onthe kidnapping charge one month before another Vallejo girl, 8-year-old Xiana Fairchild, vanished.Xiana disappeared December 9 while walking to catch a bus to school and has not yet been found.Anderson had been sentenced for abducting a woman and taking her to Oregon in 1991.


Anderson, convicted of kidnapping and murdering Xiana, claimedto have killed several young women in California, so the FBI is now asking for help in identifyingthose alleged victims. Anderson was sentenced in 1999 to 301 years in prison for killing Xiana. In2007, two FBI agents interviewed him at Corcoran prison for more than five hours. The agents cameaway from the interview believing he had killed the young women in Northern California between 1984and his arrest in 1999. He also claimed to have killed two other women in Mexico. He said he killed7 year old Amber Swartz-Garcia of Pinole but could not provide the identities of his other allegedvictims. He claims to have first killed a young runaway in 1984 and disposed of her body near alocal swimming hole in Marysville. He said he killed a young hitchhiker a few days later near thetown of Clearlake. He said he killed another young runaway in the Marysville area in 1985 and ayoung woman who he met in an Oakland bar in 1986. He said he killed again in San Jose and Beniciabefore he was arrested in 1999.

Anderson died in prison in December 2007.

(San Francisco, California)