‘Dangerous to society’: East Bay man sentenced in Marin sexual assault case


An Alameda County man was sentenced to serve six years in state prison for the sexual assault of a woman in San Rafael in 2019.

Jesse John Rieder, 39, appeared in Marin County Superior Court on Thursday. Rieder was previously found guilty by a jury of forcible sexual penetration with a foreign object.

Judge Geoffrey Howard, who imposed the sentence, called Rieder “dangerous to society.”

“This conduct is conduct that I simply cannot overlook on the impact that it’s had on the victim and those around her and society in general,” he said.

The crime occurred at a home in San Rafael on Feb.18, 2019, according to the criminal complaint.

The victim, who was identified as 29-year-old Jane Doe, told investigating officers that she and her boyfriend had an argument at a party at a home in the Glenwood neighborhood of San Rafael. Her boyfriend left and she slept on a futon in the living room, according to a pre-sentencing probation report.

Rieder, whom she had met earlier in the evening while with others, sexually assaulted the victim while she was sleeping. The victim hit Rieder, then 36, with a glass bottle and a woman at the party assisted her in contacting the police, the report said.

Rieder later gave a statement to police while possibly under the influence of alcohol. In his statement he admitted to touching the victim sexually while she was on the futon, the report noted.

Rieder did not make a statement at the hearing. A comment was included as part of the probation report.

“While I am very disappointed in the jury’s decision, I am sorry for all parties involved. I just want this case to be behind me so I can get back to work and begin bettering my person,” the statement said.

Deputy District Attorney Brian Roberts argued that the crime showed a “high degree of callousness and viciousness.”

Howard noted Rieder’s alcohol abuse likely contributed to the crime. He noted that Rieder was detained for driving under the influence following his arrest, which suggested “that there just isn’t an appreciation of the seriousness of this conduct.”

Rieder must register as a sex offender following release from prison