Daily News/Tara Conry

Fredy Bonilla, a 25 year old man who was deported after being charged with sexually abusing a 12year old in 2004, was nabbed by local cops after reentering the country. He was recognized bypolice in Huntington Station. Bonilla pleaded guilty to a sex abuse charge and was put on probationin 2004. U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement caught him in March 2005 during a raid to roundup undocumented immigrants convicted of sex offenses. He was deported to El Salvador and a warrantwas issued a month later by the Suffolk County Probation Department for his arrest if he shouldcome back into the country. When recognized, he was escorted to a stationhouse and his fingerprintsmatched up with a sample provided by Bonilla during his 2004 arrest. He was additionally chargedwith a probation warrant, false personation (for giving a wrong name to police), second degreeobstruction of governmental administration and second degree harassment. He was arraigned and willbe placed into the custody of Immigration and Customs Enforcement officials.

(New York)