Reverend Andrew Millar, 69, a retired Catholic priest, was arrested and charged with sodomizing a 15 year old mentally disabled boy in a public rest room at Tobay Beach. The boy was at the beach with his father and several other family members May 7th.  The boy told his father he had to use the restroom and walked over to the pavilion alone.  The boy was in the stall when Millar entered the stall and sodomized him.  The boy's father became concerned when his son did not return right away and went into the restroom.  There he saw there was someone else in the stall with his son and pushed the door open.  Millar ran and the father chased, caught and held him until police arrived.  He was arraigned and released the next day after posting $7,500 bail and was removed by the diocese from his living quarters at St. Peter and Paul Church.  Yesterday the ex-priest admitted he sodomized the boy.  He chose not to go on trial, instead he pleaded guilty to third-degree sodomy.  Millar remains free on $15,000 bail and faces anywhere from probation to up to four years in prison when sentencing is imposed.