Joseph Morales, a 28 year old Staten Island English teacher at IS 24, the Myra S. Barnes Intermediate School, has been busted for exposing himself to two adults and four girls the same ages as his students.  In addition to the 33 year old, two of the victims were 13, two were 15, and one was 27.  Morales, of Woehrle Avenue, was charged with six counts of public lewdness and four counts of endangering the welfare of a minor.  

Jamie Giambrone, a gutsy Staten Island mom, helped cops catch Morales by chasing down the sicko.  She was picking up her 9 year old from Public School 36 in April 2005 when she saw Morales and recognized him as the creep who had flashed her in February.  He was sitting at the wheel of a gray Ford Escape with a twisted grin plastered on his face, pointing at his lap while he fondled himself.  I pulled a U-turn and said I'm gonna get him.  I said, I'm not stopping until I get the license.  She followed him for about a mile while talking to an operator for the OnStar roadside emergency service.  Eventually, she was able to pull ahead of him and cut him off long enough to copy down his license plate for cops.  

On October 6, he was arrested again after two girls, ages 13 and 14, picked him out of a lineup as the man who allegedly exposed himself to them.  He allegedly asked one of the girls, Do you want this?  He was back in criminal court yesterday and charged with two additional counts of public lewdness and three counts of endangering the welfare of a child.

(Staten Island, New York)