November 12, 2019
Bailey Hurley
Valley News Live

FARGO, N.D. (KVLY) The Fargo man accused of forcing himself on two young girls and making them drink his bodily fluids will likely spend the rest of his life in jail.
A Cass County Judge sentenced 49-year-old Todd Meyer to 60 years in prison this morning, along with 40 years of supervised probation for his two counts of felony gross sexual imposition, as well as two counts of child neglect.
Judge Tom Olson told the courtroom this morning the details of Meyer's case 'haunt and disgust me to no end.'
We first reported back in February when Meyer was charged with raping both girls under the age of 10, as well as forcing them to drink his bodily fluids and watch sex tapes. Meyer and his wife at the time were guardians of the victims when the crimes occurred. However, both victims are now in custody with child protective services.
Today, we spoke exclusively with Meyer's ex-wife, Marie Doman, who says the living arrangement isn't fair because police never found she was involved in Meyer's crimes.
"All they're doing is victimizing the girls even more because my girls, they should know that I would never let anybody hurt them," Doman said.
Doman says at the time of the crimes Meyer wasn't only the victims' caretaker, but hers as well, as she suffers from multiple sclerosis— A statement also echoed in court this morning.
"He was in a care taking role and violated that in the worst way possible," the state told the court.
Doman says when cops came knocking on her door last winter she was blindsided, as she had no idea what was going on under her roof.
"If I would have known, I would have killed the man myself and been in jail for him hurting my babies. Any man that would hurt a child deserves to either be in jail or put down like a bad dog," Doman said.
Doman says she feels like CPS is punishing her for Meyer's horrific crimes, and says she doesn't think she'll see the young girls ever again. Doman says although that breaks her heart, she says she feels like justice has been served because Meyer can't hurt anyone else's child.
"If I had my way, what he did to the girls, I would have somebody do to him and let him feel what he's caused, because he'll never feel the pain that I feel or the pain that those girls feel for the rest of their lives," Doman said.
Meyer made a brief statement to the court this morning, saying he fully regrets and fully apologizes to his family.
The state told the court this morning, despite 'living in absolute hell at the hands of Meyer,' the victims are in therapy and are 'working on their feelings.'
Before adjourning Meyer's case, Judge Olson read excerpts of both victim impact statements. Both statements have been sealed from the public.
"I hope you never forget what you did to those kids. I know I won't, and I know they won't," Judge Olson told Meyer.
Meyer is not eligible for parole until 2059. He would be 89.


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