Former New York police officer stalked and sexually abused woman under investigation pretense

Agovino was on duty as a police officer in Peekskill, about 40 miles north of New York City, when he unlawfully entered a woman's home under the pretense of investigating a crime, forced her to remove her clothes, and groped her.

Over the next five months, prosecutors said, he returned to the victim's house four more times and sexually abused her twice more. On his last visit, the victim recorded their interaction and reported him.

“Michael Agovino disgracefully violated his oath of office and his responsibility to serve and protect the public as a police officer by repeatedly abusing his authority, and sexually abusing this woman," said Westchester County district attorney Miriam Rocah.

"The victim in this case demonstrated great courage in her attempt to hold her abuser accountable during this emotionally distressing ordeal, and we hope that today’s plea helps in the healing process."

DA Rocah also commended the cooperation of the Peekskill Police Department, which immediately suspended Agonivo when he was arrested in February 2020.

However, Ms Rocah lodged her "strong objection" to the plea bargain struck with Agovino by a state judge, which led to "significantly less prison time" than if found guilty at trial.

As well as his prison time, Agovino was sentenced to 15 years of post-release monitoring and will have to register as a sex offender when released.

According to the prosecutor’s initial complaint against Agonivo, as reported by the New York Post, the cop first met the victim in July 2019 when he "initiated an investigation into a [theft] allegedly perpetrated by the victim".

After meeting her in a public place, the officer reportedly ordered her into his patrol car and drove to her house under the pretense of needing to search it for the stolen cash.

Once there, still in uniform, he conducted a phony strip search and groped the woman, who is said to have a learning disability. On his final visit in January 2020, the victim made an audio recording.