Four Staten Island teenagers, Jatiek Smith, 19, Donald Dore, 19, Rahnick Lacewell, 18, and Andre Cash, 17, used threats of violence to get two young girls to perform sexual acts that were videotaped.  Would you rather get on your knees or get cut? suspect Smith allegedly threatened one victim.  Smith and Case then forced the 13 year old girl to perform a sex act.  Dore is accused of operating the video camera.  The assault occurred at Smith's Young Street apartment in Stapleton at 2 p.m. on February 3.  Two weeks earlier, Smith, Cash, of Roxbury Street, and Lacewell, of Targee Street, allegedly lured a 14 year old girl to a different Stapleton home and then had sex with her while a video camera was running.  I will hit you again if you don't have sex with us, Smith allegedly said.  The suspects were indicted March 18 after a probe by the district attorney's detective squad, which has the videotape.  Smith and Lacewell were charged with second degree rape for having sex with a minor.  All four were charged with performing criminal sexual acts and promoting and processing a sexual performance by a child.  

(New York)