Associated Press

Two inmates who finished their prison sentences were sent back to jail because they did not havea place to live upon release and could not meet sex offender registry requirements.

Matthew Dix was convicted of rape 17 years ago in Philadelphia. He finished his sentence October3 at the state Correctional Institution at Dallas, but has been behind bars ever since for lack of$5,000 bail. He is the second Pennsylvania inmate in three months to face such a dilemma andcorrections officials say more than 10 sex offenders in the past year did not comply with theresidency registration.

William E. Kilcullen, 60, was charged with failing to meet the requirement after being releasedfollowing 10 years in prison for statutory rape and incest. The charge was later dropped afterKilcullen was able to find a residence.

(Wilkes-Barre, Pennsylvania)