Dena Delores Riley, 42, Independence, Mo., has pleaded guilty to one count ofkidnapping.  In her plea, she admitted that on May 25, 2005, she and co-defendant RichardDavis kidnapped a 5 year old child who they took from Kansas to Missouri.  In her plea, Rileyadmits the following: 5/22/06: the District Court of Jackson County, Mo., issued arrest warrantsfor Riley and Davis charging them with homicide in Missouri.  5/23/06: the U.S. Attorney'sOffice for the Western District of Missouri filed complaints charging Riley and Davis with unlawfulflight to avoid prosecution. Federal arrest warrants were issued at that time.  5/24/06: Rileyand Davis visited Davis' half-sister, Jodee Bryant, at her home in Arcadia, Kan.  Not knowingthat Davis and Riley were wanted, Bryant invited them to stay the night.  5/25/06: a 5 yearold child who was a member of the family was allowed to join Riley and Davis on a ride to McDonaldsfor lunch.  Instead of going to the restaurant, Riley and Davis drove the child to Missourifor the purpose of engaging in sex with her.  When the child's parents realized the girl wasmissing, they called police.  At 4:45 pm, May 25, 2006: Riley placed a 911 call to thesheriff's office in Lamar, Mo.  She told the dispatcher that she and Davis were going to killthemselves.  She said they were drinking and taking drugs.  Shortly after that, officersarrested Riley and David and took the kidnapping victim to the hospital for treatment.  Thechild had been injured during the sexual assault.  Sentencing is set for Sept. 14, 2009. Riley faces a penalty of not less than 20 years and not more than life in federal prison and a fineup to $250,000. 
(Kansas City, Kansas)