Edward Cardinal Egan finally named the names of accused child-molester priests, yet Brooklyn Bishop Thomas Daily is still refusing to cooperate.  This criminal silence continues even though sources say the Queens and Brooklyn district attorneys are communicating quietly with Daily's lieutenants, which is a nice way of saying authorities are breathing down his eminence's neck.  An unlikely supporter of the DA's cause is the Rev. Gary Hayes, who runs a small church in Kentucky.  Hayes knows first-hand how dangerous Daily's hide-and-seek game can be.  In the early '70s when Hayes was 15, he was molested by the Rev. Joseph H. McGarvey, the pastor of St. Mary's Church in Millville, New Jersey.  The pastor shared him with his buddy, the late William C. O'Connell, a priest in Rhode Island, who was convicted in 1986 of molesting three other boys and served one year in a prison work-release program.  Jayes reported McGarvey to the Camden Diocese that year.  They didn't believe him.  O'Connell resigned from the priesthood in 1985 and somehow surfaced in Millville, where he started hanging out with McGarvey.  Hayes contends the Rhode Island diocese knew of O'Connell's whereabouts, and about his part-time job as a photographer in a Catholic School, because it sent him monthly retirement checks.  The Camden Diocese along with McGarvey and O'Connell were sued by Hayes and two other men in 1991, charging they were covering up abuse.  Two years later the case was settled.  O'Connell was busted again in 1994 for conducting pornographic photo session with underage boys.  He was sentenced to 10 years, but died in prison after a year.  McGarvey retired and lives in a bungalow in Audubon, New Jersey, on a quiet street near an elementary school, a Philadelphia Inquirer columnist wrote.