LISTING SEX OFFENDERS ONLINE (Lawmakers and advocates say notification efforts should include all convicts on Web site)

Thousands of convicted sex fiends will vanish from the Megan's Law-mandated registry beginning next January.  That's because the law, which went into effect in January 1996, requires only the most dangerous offenders to sign on for life.  All other predators have to stay registered for just 10 years.  By the end of 2006, a total of 3,288 convicted fiends will be able to roam New York State with no obligation to periodically check in with cops.  On April 26, Governor Pataki said the names of New York sex offenders should be written in stone on the Megan's Law registry.  Given the threat to our communities posed by sex offenders and the terrible damage caused by their heinous acts, we must strengthen Megan's Law, he said.  Lawmakers and advocates again called for the state to expand its public notification efforts. Pataki and Senate Republicans, who hold the majority in their chamber, have called for the state to place the addresses and photos of all 21,000 sexual offenders on the Internet.

(New York)