MAN ACCUSED OF MOLESTING GIRL, STABBING MOTHERS (Women Confronted Parolee About Alleged Abuse)

A 25 year old mother returned home to find Christopher L. Davis, a 24 year old parolee and acquaintance, in her house.  Davis told the 48 year old grandmother, who was in the house, that the mother had wanted him to wait for her, the mother has denied that story.  Davis allegedly fondled the mother's 9 year old daughter and another child in the house allegedly witnessed the abuse and alerted the grandmother.  When the mother came home, the women questioned Davis.  When they said they were going to take the child to the hospital, Davis became violent and grabbed a kitchen knife and attacked the pair.  He stabbed the grandmother in the neck and stabbed the mother in the leg when she tried to help the older woman.  The bloody confrontation ended with the women jumping from a second story window.  Davis had recently served time for bank robbery and said he wasn't going back to prison; he'd kill them all first.  He is being held on $500,000 bond at the Summit County Jail, where he is charged with attempted murder, felonious assault with a weapon and gross sexual imposition.  He pleaded not guilty to all charges in Akron Municipal Court and is scheduled for a conference with his attorney in court.

(Akron, Ohio)