Gilbert Garza, a 46-year-old Hempstead man, was arrested and charged with two counts of first degree sodomy for sodomizing a 12 year old boy in the bathroom at the Echo Park Pool Tuesday.  He pleaded not guilty and was ordered held at the Nassau County Jail on $500,000 cash bail.  After swimming at the pool alone Garza went into the locker room where the boy ran into him in the locker showers about 1:50 p.m.  Children age 10 and up are allowed to enter the pool grounds without adult supervision during the day and the boy had no adult supervising him.  The boy went to the pool receptionist to tell her what happened after exiting the bathroom.  The receptionist notified the manager who then called the police.  Garza works at the Nassau County medical examiner's office and has no criminal record.

(New York)