Megan’s Law for Minnesota

Megan’s Law for Minnesota

updated 2/13/2023

Contact Person: Kate Adams – Department of Public Safety Registration & Determinations:

Mark Bliven – Department of Corrections, Risk Assessment / Community Notification Director: Phone (651) 361-7359; Email

Offenders Required to Register: Registration: Applies to predatory offenders who are released, sentenced, or adjudicated delinquent on or after August 1, 1991.Community Notification: Applies to predatory offenders released from confinement after January 1, 1997.
Information Collected: Residence address, (primary, secondary or owned) work address, motor vehicle used or owned, schools attending, Fingerprints, photo, DNA sample (required by another statute), other identifying information . Any property that they own, lease or rent, and phone numbers. Phone numbers and license tab expiration year.
Administrating Agency: Registration: Minnesota Department of Public Safety; Bureau of Criminal Apprehension (BCA). 651-793-7070Community Notification: Minnesota Department of Corrections
Timeframe for Registration: Registration: Upon conviction; immediately upon release from a secure state corrections facility or state hospital facility; prior to entering state if accepted while on supervised release/probation with same or similar crime; 5 days prior to changing address; out of state offenders no longer under supervision have 5 days after moving into state.Community Notification: Upon release from state correctional facility or state treatment facility. Prior to entering state if accepted under interstate compact for supervised release/parole. For those who are not under supervision law enforcement may request a risk level to be assigned by DOC. Those under probation supervision are not subject to community notification.
Applies to Out of State Offenders: Registration: YesCommunity Notification: Yes, if under supervised release/probation; acceptance of an offender under interstate agreement is conditional on the offender registering, with other requirements; those convicted in the last 10 years for same or similar crime.
Duration of Requirement: 10 years or length of supervised release/ probation, whichever is longer. Lifetime for some, extensions added for infractions.
Verification of Address: No physical verification is required, but local law enforcement is asked to physically verify offender’s reported address. BCA mails a verification letter to the registered address once a year.  Semi-annually for unsupervised level 3 offenders and offenders who are civilly committed as Sexually Dangerous or Sexually Psychopathic Personality.
Penalties for Non-Compliance: The first offense is a felony with a minimum year and a day in prison. Second offense is minimum 2 years in prison. For every registration violation resulting in a conviction (Failure to Register), 5 years is added onto the registration period.
Access to Information: Registry: All data at the registry is considered private data and is available to law enforcement and corrections to be used for law enforcement and corrections purposes.  The only information from the registry that goes public are the non-compliant offenders who are over 16 years of age and non-compliant for more than 30 days.  Community Notification: Level One offenders are offenders who are determined to be at a lower risk to the public. Law enforcement may notify other law enforcement agencies; any victims of, or witness to, the offense committed by the offender. Level Two offenders are determined to be at a moderate risk. In addition to Level 1 notifications, law enforcement may notify: Schools and daycares; establishments and organizations that primarily serve individuals likely to be victimized by the offender. Level Three offenders have been determined to be at the highest risk. In addition to Level 1 and Level 2 notifications, law enforcement may notify other members of the community whom the offender is likely to encounter. They may use the media and other distribution methods, including the Internet, to distribute information. According to law enforcement policy, enforcement officials hold public meetings in the areas where Level 3 offenders reside or work.
Confidentiality Provision: Limited confidentiality requirements.
Number Registered: 18,319 as of 2/13/2023
Percent Compliance: 91.2%
Internet Access: Minnesota Non-Compliant Sex Offender Registry
This is the only time the offenders registry data is made public and is limited as far as what information is posted.Public Registrant Search

This is for all who are required to publicly register for a sex offense.