Megan’s Law for Oregon

Megan’s Law for Oregon

updated 1/31/2023

Contact Person: PRIMARY CONTACT NUMBER: (503) 934-1258

8:00 am – 5:00 pm, Regular Work Days, Monday – Friday

Manager Dale Hoffman

Offenders Required to Register: Any person convicted of a crime:

(a) That would constitute a sex crime if committed in Oregon; or

(b) For which the person would have to register as a sex offender in that court’s jurisdiction, or as required under federal law, regardless of whether the crime would constitute a sex crime in Oregon.

There are also complex statues governing which juvenile offenders are required to register.

Information Collected: Name, addresses, phone numbers, physical description, photograph, fingerprints, DNA, vehicle information, driver’s license # and SSN. Location and phone number of employment and institutions of education.
Administrating Agency: Oregon State Police.
Time frame for Registration: Within 10 days of release from a correctional institution, detention center or court; no later than 10 days of changing address; 10 days of changing name; 10 days of moving into Oregon from another jurisdiction. Annual within 10 days of the person’s birth date. Higher Education within 10 days of 1st day of employment or 1st day of class attendance and no later than 10 days after status change in employment or attendance; 21 days prior to intent to travel internationally.
Applies to Out of State Offenders: Yes, if convicted for a crime that equates to an Oregon sex crime or required to register in another state; includes persons who compact their supervision or incarceration to Oregon.
Duration of Requirement: Lifetime
Verification of Address: County-wide sex offender sweeps; annual statement invoicing.
Penalties for Non-Compliance: Class C felony for failure to complete initial registration. Failure to annually register; or failure to provide complete and accurate information; or fails to submit to fingerprinting or to having a photograph taken of the person’s face, identifying scars, marks or tattoos; or fails to participate in a sex offender risk assessment as directed by the State Board of Parole & Post-Prison Supervision, Psychiatric Security Review Board, Oregon Health Authority, or supervising authority is a Class A misdemeanor. Failure to register change of address or higher education, or failure to sign the sex offender registration form is a Class A misdemeanor or C felony depending on conviction. A person who fails to sign and return an address verification form as required by ORS 163A.040(4) commits a violation.
Access to Information: Members of the public can contact the Oregon State Police and request information on registered offenders. Release of information is governed by Oregon Revised Statute.  Predatory and Level 3 offenders are posted on the public website.
Confidentiality Provision: Persons are advised the information provided is for their personal use.
Number Registered: 32,693 as of 1/31/2023
Percent Compliance: Not available.
Internet Access: Oregon Sex Offender Registry