Megan’s Law for Wyoming

Megan’s Law for Wyoming

updated 2/1/2023

Contact Person: Jenny Stalo, Wyoming Sex Offender Registry, (307) 777-​7315

Wyoming Sex Offender Registration Act – W.S. 7-19-301 through 7-19-309

Offenders Required to Register: For more detailed information log into: and select Registration Act TabA convicted sex offender is required to register prior to release from custody. Convicted sex offenders not sentenced to imprisonment must register immediately after the imposition of their sentence. If a convicted sex offender moves to Wyoming, they must register within three (3) working days. Any sex offender who enters the state of Wyoming with the purpose of residing, working or going to school must register with the Sheriff’s Office in the county where they will be residing, working or going to school, within three (3) working days of entering the state, in accordance with the Wyoming Sex Offender Registration Act. Any sex offender visiting Wyoming, and being within the state of Wyoming for more than three (3) consecutive days is required to register.Wyoming law defines a sex offender as a person convicted of a criminal offense specified in W.S. 7-19-302 (g) through (j), or convicted of a criminal offense from Wyoming or any other jurisdiction containing the same or similar elements, or arising out of the same or similar facts or circumstances, as a criminal offense specified in W.S. 7-19-302 (g) through (j). For further information refer to the Sex Offender Registration Act of 2007.“Convicted” includes pleas of guilty, nolo contendere, verdicts of guilty upon which a judgment of conviction may be rendered and adjudications as a delinquent for offenses specified in W.S. 7-19-302(j). “Convicted” shall not include dispositions pursuant to W.S. 7-13-301;

“Criminal offense against a minor” means the offenses specified in this paragraph in which the victim is less than eighteen (18) years of age. “Criminal offense against a minor” includes an offense committed in another jurisdiction, including a federal court or courts martial, which, if committed in this state, would constitute a “criminal offense against a minor” as defined in this paragraph. “Criminal offense against a minor” includes:

  1. Kidnapping under W.S. 6-2-201;
  2. Offenses under W.S. 6-4-101 through 6-4-103 in which a minor is the object of the sexual act or proposed sexual act;
  3. Producing obscene material under W.S. 6-4-302 if the offense involves the use of a minor in a sexual performance;
  4. Soliciting sexual conduct under W.S. 6-2-318;
  5. Sexual exploitation of a child under W.S. 6-4-303;
  6. An attempt to commit an offense described in subparagraphs (A) through (G) of this paragraph.

Sex offense convictions occurring outside the state of Wyoming are reviewed to determine if an equivalent Wyoming statute exists. This and the age of the victim determines what category the offender will register under. Wyoming does not conduct or adhere to previously done risk assessments.

Information Collected: The offender shall be photographed, fingerprinted and palm printed by the registering entity or another law enforcement agency and shall provide the following additional information when registering:

  1. Name, including any aliases ever used;
  2. Address;
  3. Date and place of birth;
  4. Social security number;
  5. Place of employment;
  6. Date and place of conviction;
  7. Crime for which convicted;
  8. The name and location of each educational institution in this state at which the person is employed or attending school;
  9. The license plate number and a description of any vehicle owned or operated by the offender;
  10. A DNA sample. As used in this paragraph, “DNA” means as defined in W.S. 7-19-401(a)(vi).
  11. The age of the victim
  12. Internet identifiers, including each email address and other designations used by the offender for self-identification or routing in internet communications or postings. As used in this paragraph, “internet” means as defined in W.S. 9-2-1035(a)(iii); and
  13. Any phone number at which the offender may be reached or which may be used on a frequent basis by the offender to place telephone calls.
Administrating Agency: The Wyoming Department of Criminal Investigation (DCI) within the Wyoming Office of the Attorney General.
Timeframe for Registration: 7-19-305. Registration; duties of registering entities; notice to persons required to register.

  1. The entity required to register an offender under W.S. 7-19-302(c) shall provide written notification to the offender of the requirements of this act and shall receive and retain a signed acknowledgment of receipt. The entity shall forward all registration information to the division within three (3) working days after registering the offender. When registering an offender the registering entity shall:
    1. Obtain the information required for the registration by W.S. 7-19-302;
    2. Inform the offender that if he changes residence address he shall give the new address to the sheriff in person within three (3) working days, or if he becomes transient through lack of residence, he shall report on a weekly basis to the sheriff in the county in which he is registered until he establishes another residence;
    3. Inform the offender that if he changes residence to another state, he shall register the new address with the law enforcement agency with whom he last registered and shall also register with the designated law enforcement agency in the new state not later than three (3) working days after establishing residence in the new state;
    4. Obtain, or arrange for another law enforcement agency to provide, fingerprints, DNA sample and a photograph of the offender if these have not already been obtained in connection with the offense that triggers the registration requirement;
    5. Inform the offender that if he is employed or attends school in another state while continuing residence in this state he must register with the other state as a nonresident worker or nonresident student;
    6. Inform the offender that in addition to any other registration requirements of this act, if the offender becomes employed by or attends school at any educational institution in this state, or if his status of employment or enrollment at any educational institution in this state as reported during his last registration changes in any manner, he shall register the change within three (3) working days of the change with the entity with whom he last registered.
  2. The department or other agency assuming jurisdiction shall provide written notification to an offender convicted in another state of the registration requirements of W.S. 7-19-302 at the time the department or agency accepts supervision and has legal authority of the individual under the terms and conditions of the interstate compact agreement under W.S. 7-3-401.
Applies to Out of State Offenders: Yes
Duration of Requirement: Convicted sex offenders are required to register for the duration of their lifetime. The beginning of the registration period begins upon the date of original registration in Wyoming.
Verification of Address: The division shall conduct address verifications by searching bad Geo-Codes in Offender Watch System. This search will be completed on the last business day of each month for every category. If Bad-Geo code comes back, the sheriff office will be notified.
Penalties for Non-Compliance:
  1. Failure to register or update any registration information within the time required under W.S. 7-19-302 constitutes a per se violation of this act and is punishable as provided in subsections (c) and (d) of this section.
  2. An arrest on charges of failure to register, service of an information or complaint for a violation of this act, or arraignment on charges for a violation of this act, constitutes actual notice of the duty to register. Any person charged with the crime of failure to register under this act who asserts as a defense the lack of notice of the duty to register shall register immediately following actual notice of the duty through arrest, service or arraignment. Failure to register as required under this subsection constitutes grounds for filing another charge of failing to register. Registering following arrest, service or arraignment on charges shall not relieve the offender from criminal liability for failure to register prior to the filing of the original charge.
  3. A person who knowingly fails to register as required by W.S. 7-19-302 is guilty of a felony punishable by a fine of up to one thousand dollars ($1,000.00), imprisonment for not more than five (5) years, or both.
  4. A person convicted of a subsequent violation of knowingly failing to register as required by W.S. 7-19-302 is guilty of a felony punishable by a fine of one thousand dollars ($1,000.00), imprisonment for not more than ten (10) years, or both.
Access to Information: The information collected under this act shall be confidential, except for that information collected in accordance with paragraph (c)(iii) of this section which information shall be a matter of public record.The division shall provide notification of registration under this act, including all registration information, to the district attorney of the county where the registered offender is residing at the time of registration or to which the offender moves. In addition, the following shall apply:If the offender was convicted of an offense specified in W.S. 7-19-302(h) or (j), notification shall be provided by mail, personally or by any other means reasonably calculated to ensure delivery of the notice to residential neighbors within at least seven hundred fifty (750) feet of the offender’s residence, organizations in the community, including schools, religious and youth organizations by the sheriff or his designee. In addition, notification regarding an offender employed by or attending school at any educational institution shall be provided upon request by the educational institution to a member of the institution’s campus community as defined by subsection (h) of this section;(iii) Notification of registration under this act shall be provided to the public through a public registry, as well as to the persons and entities required by paragraph (ii) of this subsection. The division shall make the public registry available to the public through electronic internet technology and shall include:

  1. The offender’s name, including any aliases;
  2. Physical address;
  3. Date and place of birth;
  4. Date and place of conviction;
  5. Crime for which convicted;
  6. Photograph;
  7. Physical characteristics including race, sex, height, weight, eye and hair color;
  8. History of all criminal convictions subjecting an offender to the registration requirements of this act; and
  9. The license plate number and a description of any vehicle owned or operated by the offender.
Confidentiality Provision: The information collected under this act shall be confidential and disseminated only in accordance with the provisions of the act. Any person who willfully discloses such information is guilty of a misdemeanor and is punishable by imprisonment for not more than six (6) months, a fine of not more than seven hundred and fifty dollars ($750.00) or both.
Number Registered: 2,543 as of 2/1/2023
Percent Compliance: Approximately 98%
Internet Access: Wyoming sex Offender Registry