MOVE TO OUST SEX OFFENDERS (Residents complain trailer where they live is too close to schools, library; county official defends use of facilty)

Newsday/Mitchell Freedman

Up to 18 homeless registered sex offenders have been living in a trailer on the grounds of theSuffolk County Jail in Riverhead for more than a year.  Residents complain the trailer iswithin walking distance, less than a mile, of schools, parks and the Riverhead Library.  Themen living in the trailer are there because the county must legally accept and provide housing forhomeless sex offenders released from prison.  The offenders, generally medium and high risk,have served their prison sentences and are there voluntarily, but the trailer is not a securefacility.  The county has hired a private security firm to watch the property but the guards,nor the sheriff's deputies at the jail have any legal authority over the men.

(New York)