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Almost 17 years after a hunter found the remains of 12 year old Josette Wright in the woodsoff Fields Lane in Patterson, the retrial for one of two men convicted of raping and killing her in1994 began Monday in Putnam County Court.  Anthony DiPippo, a former Patterson resident, andAndrew Krivak, formerly of Stormville, were convicted separately in 1997 of the October 3, 1994rape and murder of Josette.  A state appeals court ordered a new trial for DiPippo, 36, rulingthat his lawyer in 1997 had a conflict of interest for failing to disclose that he representedanother possible suspect in that case at an unrelated trial.  Krivak, 34, continues to serve a25 years to life sentence in state prison.  Krivak and DiPippo raped and murdered the girl inKrivak's van while others in the van watched.  Krivak, then 17, made advances toward the girlbut when she refused, he and DiPippo gang raped her.  They forced her underpants down herthroat, choking her while the attack continued.  As she gagged for air Krivak raped her. DiPippo then laughed as the girl was trying to breathe and told Krivak Hurry up, it's myturn.  Save some for me. 
On May 9, 2012, DiPippo was convicted for a second time for his role in the murder ofJosette.  He is charged with felony second degree murder and first degree rape.  He faces25 years to life in prison at his August 10 sentencing.
(Carmel, New Jersey)