“NORCAL RAPIST” SENTENCED TO 897 YEARS IN PRISON FOR 9 RAPES. Roy Waller, 60, was a safety specialist at the University of California at Berkeley

December 19, 2020
Robert Gearty
Fox News

The "NorCal Rapist" who terrorized nine women in a 15-year crime spree has been sentenced to 897 years in prison.
Roy Waller, 60, a safety specialist at the University of California at Berkeley until his arrest, was convicted last month in Sacramento of being the notorious serial rapist.

"There’s always an appeal, but we have every faith and every hope and trust in the system that he will die in prison," Sacramento County prosecutor Keith Hill said, according to Fox 40 Sacramento.

"Mr. Waller deserves every single second that the judge gave him today," he said.
Waller was found guilty of raping nine women in six Northern California counties from 1991 to 2006.
The judge imposed a sentence of 459 years to run consecutive with a sentence of 438 years to life.
Prosecutors said DNA and genetic genealogy linked Waller to the rapes in 2018.
"I’m done, he’s gone, I never have to think about him for one more second of my life, and that is the greatest relief I could ever ever feel," said one of Waller’s victims, Nicole Earnest-Payte, according to Fox 40.
Waller was accused of attacking Earnest-Payte in 1991 when he was 21.
"For any survivor who has not had the strength to do so, who’s watching this today, the only person who should be ashamed of what happened to you is the person who did it to you. It is never, ever you," she said, according to the station.
The jury returned guilty verdicts on all 46 charges against Waller.


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