Robert Lee Hixson, a 42 year old ex-Navy SEAL, who kidnapped his 13 year old niece after gunning down her parents, released the girl unharmed April 20 and then surrendered during a tense standoff with police.  Hixson may have been obsessed with the girl and will likely face the death penalty.  He had threatened to kill himself with a shotgun during four hours of negotiations with police and FBI agents in Bethel Township, Pennsylvania.  Hixson fatally shot Myron Bilger, Jr., 40, and Bilger's 37 year old wife Helen with a shotgun after breaking into their Pocono Lake home April 19.  Hixson is married to Myron's sister.   After the shootings, Hixson abducted Bilger's daughter Hadley, leaving behind her 5 year old sister.  The sister contacted a relative who called police.  When police arrived, they found Myron still alive and before dying, he identified Hixson as the shooter.  Monroe County District Attorney Mark Pazuhanich said, There is some evidence of an obsession of a sexual nature with the 13 year old.

(Rehrersburg, Pennsylvania)