James A. Roth, a 44 year old paraplegic, was charged by authorities with kidnapping two girls aged 12 and 14.  After chaining them to a bed in his apartment and sexually assaulting them, he allegedly shocked the 12 year old with a stun gun when she tried to escape.  The 14 year old was reported by her parents as missing March 8th and the 12 year old was reported missing early Friday.  The 14 year old told investigators that Roth abducted her at gun point outside an Eagan Wal-Mart and held her captive for three weeks, sometimes chaining her up and threatening to kill her if she tried to leave.  The 12 year old said she was at Roth's apartment March 30th when he gave her a beer that tasted strange and made her feel groggy.  After Roth left the apartment the morning of March 31st, handing the stun gun to the 14 year old and ordering her to shock the younger girl if she tried to escape, both girls fled.  Both girls had shown up at the doorstep of the 12 year old's home.  The mother called police.  The 12 year old was crying and had chains around her neck and a pair of handcuffs dangling from one wrist.  Bond was set at $100,000.  Roth is being held in the Dakota County Jail on charges of criminal sexual conduct, kidnapping and prohibited possession and use of an electronic incapacitation device.  Roth's next court appearance is for a preliminary hearing April 17th.