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November 8th 2018

6 News WRGB Albany


GLOVERSVILLE, NY (WRGB) - "What runs through my mind is he looking at my kid a different way? And I guess that's just a parent," said Gloversville resident Robbie Martish.  Martish has three daughters.  He says one of them is a student at McNab Elementary School.


That's where Gloversville Police say the School Resource Officer arrested a registered sex offender Thursday.

Police say when the officer confronted 32 year old Mark Aldi II, Aldi ran.

Police say when the officer was able to catch Aldi, the two fought and the officer's hand was broken.

Aldi was taken into custody.


"It's definitely not okay," said Martish.  Police say Aldi is forbidden from being on school grounds for reasons unrelated to his sex offender status.  Superintendent David Halloran says the reason "was related to an interaction with a staff member."  Halloran says Aldi was at the school today to drop his children off for bus pick up.  Aldi is not listed on the state sex offender registry, a public website Martish says he checks regularly.  "Because I have children and they are everywhere," Martish said.


But the site legally cannot have information posted on level one sex offenders.

Police did not say what Aldi's status is.  According to CBS6's media partner The Daily Gazette, Aldi was charged back in 2011 for attempted sexual abuse and pubic lewdness.  Martish says he's grateful the school resource officer was able to arrest Aldi.  "If it wasn't for you things could have been a lot worse, so thank you very much."

The Superintendent is praising the officer as well.


"I can't say enough for the professionalism of that individual and I can't wait to get him back," Halloran said.

Police say the officer was treated at the hospital for his broken hand and released.

Aldi was arraigned and sent to Fulton County Correctional Facility on bail.