Milagro Torres-Gotay, a distraught Queens mom, said she is baffled over why city cops refused to track down a 24 year old woman she claims used the Internet to lure her 15 year old son to New Jersey for sex.  The mom went to the 102nd Precinct station house in Richmond Hill on Monday to complain that a woman using the Internet as Ditra had recruited her son for trysts in her Paterson, NJ home after sending him e-mails and explicit photos.  Although she went to cops with Ditra's unlisted phone number and copies of three emails the boy has sent the woman, The detective told me her [phone] number wasn't enough information to make an arrest.  They told me to focus on my son's physical and mental well-being.  I'm taking care of my son, but I want this pedophile arrested.  She was told to file a complaint in New Jersey, where the crime was allegedly committed.

(Queens, New York)