PIGGYBACK RIDE TO HELL (Sicko had a plan to take Casey and kill her: cops)

Johnny Johnson, a 24 year old homeless man, was charged yesterday with the kidnap-killing of 6 year old Cassandra Casey Williamson.  Cops said the deranged drifter had planned in advance to rape and murder the kindergartner.  He struck her on the head with a rock or brick after he lured the girl out of her dad's Valley Park house about 7:30 a.m. Friday.  Johnson was a house guest of Cassandra's dad, Ernie Williamson.  Johnson snatched the girl just moments after Ernie had left the kitchen briefly before he was to make his daughter a bowl of cereal for breakfast.  A witness told cops he saw the girl riding piggyback with Johnson toward the abandoned glass factory nearby where her body was found, covered under a pile of rocks, eight hours after her abduction.

(St. Louis, Missouri)