SEX OFFENDER SURVEILLANCE (Legislation proposes ‘civil confinement’ and bans offenders from most public spaces)

After many towns, including most recently Algoma, Wisconsin, passed laws barring sex offenders from moving within 2,000 feet of a church, school playground, day care or walking trail, some states are trying to craft their own solutions to the problem that has no prison sentence.  New York is proposing to keep some sex offenders in civil confinement, that is, locked up beyond their prison sentences in psychiatric hospitals.  New York is joining more than a dozen states which allow targeted sex offenders to be held beyond their prison terms.  A new law proposed by Ohio lawmakers would require the cars of habitual and child-oriented sex offenders to carry special florescent green license plates.  The ACLU objects, they've spun it that such license plates would give children an unrealistic sense of safety when approaching cars with regular license plates.