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Two 16 year old water-ice vendors were arrested and charged with the rape of an 11 year old girlfollowing a Phillies game at Veterans Stadium in August 2000. They are charged with sexual assaultand related offenses. Their capture followed the arrest of the first 16 year old in connection withthe attack. The girl had been attending the Phillies-Padres game with family members and the boyswere working at Rita's Water Ice cart inside the stadium. They allegedly met the girl as they soldwater ice on the same concourse level where the girl sat with her aunt and another child at thegame. After the game, the victim told her aunt she would meet her in the parking lot after usingthe restroom. As she tried to exit the stadium, she became lost and ran into the teenagers, whoallegedly lured her to a trash-bin area in the parking lot and took turns raping her then fled. Oneof the teenagers was released July 17 and prosecutors appealed the ruling. The teen was sentencedlast year to a sex offender treatment program for the rape. District Attorney's spokeswoman CathieAbookire said, We want him returned, we do not feel it is time to be released at all. We do notfeel that eight months is sufficient punishment, given the gravity of the crime. A hearing isscheduled for August 22.

(Philadelphia, Pennsylvania)