Mark John Christie abducted and strangled 4 year old Kali Ann Poulton on May 23rd, 1994.  Fearing for his safety in prison, Mr. Christie wanted to change his name and this outraged residents.  He doesn't want to be branded a child killer, but frankly, that's part of the punishment, he has to live with the stigma and humiliation that goes with it for the rest of his life, just like I have to live without my daughter for the rest of my life, said Kali's mother, Judy Tosh.  State Senator Richard A. Dollinger, a Brighton Democrat, and Assemblyman David R. Koon, a Perinton Democrat whose own daughter, Jennifer was murdered, say they will propose a law to prevent violent felons from changing thier names while in prison, except for religious reasons.  After their release, they would first have to notify victims' families, said Koon.  There is bipartisan support for this, he said.  Last week, Mr. Christie withdrew his petition in a letter to the judge stating, If I were given the change, Judy Tosh and many will forever be hurt, if I had known beforehand how this issue would spark outrage and controversy, I would not have considered it.  Kali was abducted by Christie, who lived in the same town house complex, as she rode her pink tricycle outside.  In his apartment he starangled her and then dumped her body in a 30,000-gallon water tank at a factory where he worked as a security guard.  His new wife turned him in after he confessed to her in August 1996.  Christie pleaded guilty to murder shortly after jury selection had begun at his trial.