February 5, 2020
K Thor Jensen

After a young girl in Russia defended herself from an attempted sexual assault, the culprit was revealed to be a police officer.
According to Moscow Komsomolets, the initial attack took place in September 2018. The 11-year-old girl was out for a walk with friends when she decided to return home alone.
After returning to her apartment building, she was approached by a man who dropped his pants and tried to pursue her into the elevator. Luckily, she had a scooter on hand and swung it into the assailant's groin, sending him crumpling to the floor, the newspaper said.
The girl then entered the elevator and made her way home, where she reported the incident to her mother. Police were called and began an investigation.
Surveillance camera video from the day of the attack traced the suspect and allowed police to identify him as an officer with the Ministry of Internal Affairs.
The man had come from a medical examination at the Ministry's hospital that same day, where he also underwent a psychological evaluation.
When he was brought into custody, the suspect claimed that he had been in the girl's building completely by coincidence. However, the surveillance footage disproved his story, showing him walking through a number of foyers before stopping right by the young girl and attempting to assault her, the newspaper said.
The policeman was convicted of attempted sexual assault and given a six-year prison sentence in a penal colony.
He was also terminated from his job before the trial, with the Ministry issuing a statement saying "An employee was dismissed from service for committing an offense defaming the honor and dignity of an employee of the Ministry of Internal Affairs."
Surveillance footage has been used to catch pedophiles before. In May 2015, a young girl in San Jose, California was followed home by an unidentified man. According to the San Jose Mercury-News, the man told the teenager that he was lost and needed directions.
She was suspicious of his motives, so the girl tried to enter her house. The man then forced his way into her home. Once inside, he tried to sexually assault her in the foyer. She fought back with her fists and drove him back out the front door.
The girl then hid in the closet and texted her father for help. He called 911 and police collected the footage. They realized that the suspect was already wanted in another sexual assault attempt when he followed a woman into a public bathroom at a grocery store.
The San Francisco Chronicle reported that the man's landlord saw the surveillance footage on TV and tipped off police. Police quickly identified and arrested 31-year-old Mohammad Khaliqi for both crimes.


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