ACCUSED MAN WAS ADMIRED (Kenneth Wolfe came to the Koalaty Time care center with stellar references)

Kenneth Wolfe, a 36 year old man who on paper and in person seemed like the ideal child-care worker, was caught by a Koalaty Time employee in a restroom taking a Polaroid picture of a 3 year old girl with her pants down.  He was arrested on two counts of lascivious acts with a child and one count of indecent contact with a child.  In an instant, he metamorphosed from a trusted colleague to someone accused of being a parent's worst nightmare, a person who finds children sexually attractive.  When Wolfe applied to work at the child care center he offered a resume that showed more than a decade of child care experience at seven centers in the Des Moines area, Cedar Rapids and Minnesota.  His old bosses vouched for him and he cleared all the required criminal background checks.  After the employee found him pointing the camera at the child, she asked him if he took a picture of the girl with her pants down and he said yes.  When asked why, he did not give an answer and turned white.  The employee took the camera and photo and told him to wait there while she called police but he fled and was found 11 hours later at the Des Moines bus station.  It was discovered by police that he had been living at the Door of Faith Mission, a homeless shelter in Des Moines.  When police searched his room there they found another picture.  Police said it appears Wolfe slid a girl's pants down while she napped and photographed her.  His court-appointed lawyer, Jeff Mains, said Wolfe would plead not guilty at his August 17th arraignment.

(West Des Moines, Iowa)