September 5, 2019
Yaron Steinbuch
NY Post


A man claiming to be Adolf Hitler’s last living relative has been convicted of pedophilia for kissing a 13-year-old girl, according to a report.

Romano-Luka Hitler, 69, who lives in the town of Görlitz in eastern Germany, claims to be related to the Fuehrer through Hitler’s father, Alois, according to the UK’s Mirror. He has said that Alois had a younger brother, whose grandson was his father.

The Leipzig schoolgirl’s father, who owns a small garage, told the German news outlet Bild that he believed Hitler was interested in buying his business — but then realized he actually had his eye on the girl.

“He lured her to his flat with sweets, brought her clothes and plastic flowers and even offered to marry her,” the dad said.

The Nazi dictator’s purported relative claimed he simply enjoyed the company of the child and that his kiss was a harmless greeting that is normal in Germany and was harmless.

“I’m innocent,” he insisted.

But Judge Ulrich Schettgen rejected his explanation, saying the sicko kissed the girl “against her will on both the neck and cheek.”

Hitler, who claims he ended up in a monastery when his parents died and was adopted by a Polish family, said he would appeal his conviction.

The man, who worked as a ship helmsman, has said that having the notorious last name has made it tough to find work.

“The name is like a cross to bear and I wish that on nobody,” he said, although he has a picture of the dictator on his wall alongside one of Chancellor Angela Merkel.

Hitler was fined the equivalent of about $900.

Hitler’s only confirmed living relatives on his dad’s side are his great-nephews Alexander, Louis and Brian Stuart-Houston, who live a quiet life under the radar on Long Island. The men are the sons of Hitler’s nephew, William Patrick Hitler, who was born in the UK to the Fuehrer’s half-brother, Alois.


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