Dean Arthur Schwartzmiller, a 65 year old convicted child molester, kept records found in hisCalifornia home that have led police to believe that the pervert may have assaulted tens ofthousands of kids all over the world, including in New York, and could be one of the vilestpredators of all time. His records indicate that he may have had hundreds of victims in fivestates, Brazil and Mexico over more than 30 years. Schwartzmiller, who has a record of molestationarrests and convictions stretching back to 1970, apparently used several aliases. He neverregistered his whereabouts as required with authorities, so his name did not appear on Megan's Lawdatabases. He also appears to have gone by a number of aliases, including Dean Harmon and DeanMiller, to avoid having to register as a sex offender. A list of more than 36,000 mostly boys'names, complete with codes indicating how they were abused, was stuffed into seven binders filledwith child pornography found at his home. Few entries on the list, which totaled 1,360 pages,included last names, but some were marked with such nicknames as Cowboy Boy and Boy U of I.Officers said he lured the boys to his San Jose home with gifts, then showed them movies and videosbefore sexually assaulting them.

Police also arrested Schwartzmiller's roommate, Fred Everts, 34, and charged him with childmolestation in San Jose.

Victims or anyone with information about Schwartzmiller are encouraged to call the San JosePolice Department's Child Exploitation Division at (408) 277-4102 or the San Jose Crime Stoppers at(408) 947-STOP.

Schwartzmiller was sentenced on January 29, 2007, to 152 years in prison.