Newsday/Ellen Yan

Anthony Purificato, a 45 year old Level 2 sex offender, has been caught for the fourth timeliving in a storage unit and violating the law by failing to register his change of address fromthe Riverhead Social Services trailer behind the county jail.  Purificato was arrested August4 at Mr. D's storage facility in Holbrook.  He was found living in storage units and convictedof the same offense in 2009, 2010 and last year.  Two years ago he furnished an Islandiastorage unit with a bed, a television and DVD player and was paying $230 a month when policearrested him there in November 2010.
US marshals also traced down a Level 3 sex offender, Daniel Saggese, 44, across the countryto Washington state after he left the trailers and failed to report his new address.  He wasfound in the city of Port Angeles in a coffee.  When police tried to arrest him he fought withthe officers and ran.  A stun gun was used on him several times and one officer was hurtduring the arrest.  Saggese was wanted for absconding parole and now also faces charges ofresisting arrest and federal charges under the Adam Walsh Child Protection and Safety Act forcrossing state lines as a sex offender and failing to register his address.