DEPORT OUTRAGE OVER GIRL, 5 (Judge: Boot New Jersey kid to Argentina – and ‘perv’ dad)

New York Post/Jeane MacIntosh

A 5 year old girl is facing imminent deportation to Argentina, to the home of the father whoallegedly molested her, thanks to an international treaty that's meant to prevent children frombeing kidnapped during custody disputes. The deportation of Arianna Adan, an American citizen whohas spent more time in Argentina than here, is being appealed by her mother, Elena Mazza. Newarkfederal court Judge William Walls ordered Arianna deported after a June hearing, despite writing hebelieved that her Argentine father, Ariel Adan, was indeed abusive. Mazza claims that Adan sexuallyabused both her and her daughter. Arianna is quoted as saying in court papers, Daddy put somethinghot in my butt and sticks his tongue in my mouth.

(New Jersey)