DISPERSING OFFENDERS (Brookhaven Town Board expected to enact law aimed at breaking up clusters of registered sex offenders living close to one another)

Newsday/Patrick Whittle

With proposed legislation that local officials and child protection advocates say would be afirst in the state, the Brookhaven Town Board is considering a landmark saturation statute thatwould impose tighter restrictions on registered sex offenders and, proponents say, help break upLong Island's densest cluster of sex criminals.  The legislation, which will be the subject ofa public hearing Tuesday, would make it illegal for more than two registered sex offenders to livein the same one-family dwelling.  The proposal is designed to break up clusters of sexoffenders in communities such as Gordon Heights.  According to the state registry Web site, 22Level 2 and 3 sex offenders live in six of the houses on Homestead Drive and more than 40 offenderslive within a roughly half-square-mile area.  According to Parents for Megan's Law,Brookhaven's law would be the first such saturation statute in the state.  Laura Ahearn, thegroup's executive director, said the Brookhaven proposal would be tougher than the county'sregulations.  But Ahearn and other advocates said offenders will still require greatersupervision and help finding jobs to reform.
(New York)