Newsday/Roni Rabin

Dr. Stuart Copperman, a Merrick pediatrician, was stripped of his medical license for sexuallyabusing patients but can continue treating children until a hearing on his appeal January 16. Atemporary restraining order against the state health department, which had revoked the license wasgranted. Seven women testified that he had sexually abused them during physical exams between 1978and 1989. The condition was imposed on the doctor, requiring that a chaperone be present during allpatient exams. In 1988, a different panel of the Office of Professional Medical Conduct heardsimilar complaints from different women but dismissed the charges. Most of the women were in theirteens when the abuse occurred and most said they delayed reporting the abuse because ofembarrassment and confusion. They said he told them he needed to clean their vaginal area andthen rubbed them with ungloved fingers. There is a five-year statute of limitations for criminalcharges of sexual misconduct, but the law allows sexually abused minors to file charges up to fiveyears after they turn 18. The number to call to report physician misconduct is 1-800-663-6114.

(Merrick, New York)