Newsday/Sophia Chang

John H. Monetti, a 39 year old former principal of William Floyd Elementary School with currentand past ties to several other Suffolk County schools, faced charges that he had multiple sexualencounters with a 15 year old Nebraska girl he met on the Internet. Monetti traveled to Nebraska tomeet the girl and was arrested by the Washington County sheriff's office on felony charges of firstdegree sexual assault of a minor, sexual assault with use of a computer and child abuse.

Monetti, of Saint James, was arrested at his parents' home on March 6, 2007. A Central Islipfederal judge ordered that he be shipped back to Nebraska where he'll face state and federalcharges.

On August 20, Monetti admitted in federal court that he flew to Nebraska repeatedly to have sexwith the underage girl he met on the Internet. He pleaded guilty to two counts of travel withintent to engage in a sexual act with a juvenile.

Monetti was sentenced by a federal judge to 12 years in prison on November 9.

(Omaha, Nebraska)