FOR SAFETY’S SAKE (Addition of cops at Mastic-Shirley schools after sex attacks met with parents’ anger at sex-offender program)

Suffolk officials announced Friday a plan they say will create an omnipresence of police officers in the Mastic-Shirley area to shield students from attacks and discourage registered sex offenders from approaching children.  The plan, drafted at the request of Suffolk County Executive Steve Levy after a series of disturbing incidents near schools, includes more cops on foot around schools, increased use of surveillance cameras, and police visits to registered sex offenders.  There is no proof that sex offenders are responsible for any of the crimes but Levy said the county's action are justified.  Two high school girls were attacked in the last two weeks near their school, white a middle school student was approached Thursday by a man who tried to lure her into his sport utility vehicle.

Lisamarie Blumberg, whose daughter is a junior at William Floyd, dismissed Levy's plan as too little, too late.  If the county executive wants to impress us, maybe he should be a little more cognizant of what was going on.  She spoke directly to Levy: Stop making Mastic-Shirley a dumping ground.  Levy said that many people had the misconception that the county placed registered sex offenders.  He said that registered sex offenders migrated to low-rent areas.


- Enhanced feet on the street police presence

- Use of video surveillance at undisclosed locations

- Police detectives make one-on-one visits to all level 2 and level 3 registered sex offenders within those communities

- Department of Probation makes safety presentations to William Floyd High School and Middle High School female students

(New York)