More than six weeks after Shasta Groene and her brother disappeared from a home where family members were bludgeoned to death, the 8 year old girl was found July 2, 2005, sharing a meal with Joseph Edward Duncan III, a 42 year old registered sex offender, at a Denny's restaurant here in her hometown. A day after Shasta turned up, her father, Steve, said she's doing very well and seems to be in good spirits. Speaking about his son, Dylan, who is still missing, he said, I have high hopes Dylan's OK and that he'll come home, too.

A newly discovered videotape shows Shasta and Duncan at a store hours before she was rescued and an officer said it looks as if the girl was trying to get someone to recognize her. Authorities said they had found human remains in western Montana that might be her missing 9 year old brother. The remains would be sent to an FBI laboratory for DNA analysis. Shasta and Dylan had been missing since May 16.

Shasta told cops she and her brother were repeatedly molested by Duncan. Duncan stared at a judge during his arraignment on July 5 via video link on two counts of first degree kidnapping. He was ordered held without bail. The intent of the crimes, authorities say, was to molest a child and a conviction could carry the death penalty.

Duncan is believed to be responsible for the killings of Shasta's mother and older brother and her mother's boyfriend.

Duncan spent months on the Internet documenting his internal struggle over right vs. wrong.  Then, four days before he kidnapped the children, he wrote: The demons have taken over.

Human remains found at a remote campsite in Montana have been identified as those of Dylan Groene.  

Prosecutors said Duncan would be charged with first degree murder of the three people found dead at the house.  Duncan told Shasta that he had randomly scouted her neighborhood for children.  He told her that he spotted her playing in a bathing suit with Dylan and that he then watched their home for days, using night-vision goggles to learn the layout of their house.  Duncan bragged to Shasta telling her how he used a shotgun and hammer to kill her family.  

There is a growing fear that Duncan may have as many as four other young victims in other states.  Police around the country are taking a closer look at unsolved killings for a possible connection to him.

(Coeur D'Alene, Idaho)