On May 23, 1994, 4 year old Kali Poulton was abducted and murdered by a stranger living near her home.  Mark John Christie was sentenced on November 30, 1997, to 25 years to life with a recommendation of no parole.  The last words the judge said were, Lock him up.  The Senate passed legislation sponsored by Senator Dean Skelos (R-Rockville Centre) that requires notification to victims, law enforcement officials and the general public when a violent felon or a sexual predator seeks to change his identity.  The measure was prompted by the recent case in Rochester concerning a name-change petition filed by Christie.  Last year while serving his prison sentence, he attempted to legally change his name.  The victim's mother only learned of the prisoner's attempt to change names by coincidence.  Senator Skelos' bill, S.6153A, would allow all victims to voice their objections when a person convicted of a violent felony or a sex crime files a petition to change names.  Notification would also be given to prosecutors and the sentencing court.  The legislation would require the publication of the name change petition in a designated newspaper.  The web address for the Kali Poulton Memorial is www.lostkids.org/Kali_Poulton/