KARATE KID-NAP (Man tried to abduct girl: cops)

Jose Laboy, a 50 year old Brooklyn man, stalked 10 year old Emily Garcia, a karate student, and tried to abduct her in front of her home after he failed to lure her into his car.  She said he held her so tightly that she couldn't use her karate moves against him.  At that moment, Emily's girlfriend came walking by.  When her friend said Hi, he loosened her hand and ran back to his car.  The same stranger tried to sweet-talk her into his car several times outside her school, PS 72, last June, and once again last Wednesday.  He would drive up outside the school, which is across the street from her house and say, psst, come into the car or, Here, take this cookie.  It will be good for you.  It has vitamins, she said.  This time he called her by name and he told me mommy was in the hospital.  He said I had to go with him, Emily said.  I didn't believe him.  Emily's stepfather, Francisco Veras, armed with Emily's description of the 1991 gray Nissan Sentra sedan, drove around until he spotted the vehicle and flagged down a patrol car.  Laboy, who was arrested in 2000 for alleged marijuana possession, was charged Tuesday with attempted kidnapping, attempted unlawful imprisonment and harassment.  

(New York)