Newsday/Bill Mason and Emi Endo

Jesus Cabrera, a 49 year old real estate broker and Dr. Steve Fakheri, a 70 year old doctor,have been charged with unrelated sex crimes on Long Island.

Cabrera was arrested and charged with sexually abusing three teenage boys. He was allegedlyinvolved with several incidents of sexual abuse in Nassau between November 3, 2004 and last month.One of the boys was 13, and the other two were 14. Cabrera befriended the boys after helping theirfamilies find housing in the area. He was arraigned and charged with two counts of criminal sexualact in the first degree and two counts of sexual abuse in the first degree, all felony charges.

Fakheri, of Kings Point, was treating a 29 year old woman for carpal tunnel syndrome at hisoffice when he kissed her and fondled her breasts. He was released on bail and is scheduled toappear in court April 8 on charges of forcible touching.

(New York)