Newsday/Reid J. Epstein

Suffolk County Executive Steve Levy will veto legislation aimed at ending the county'svoucher program for homeless sex offenders, Levy's office said Wednesday.  Levy said the bill,which puts an immediate stop to the $90-a-day vouchers for homeless sex offenders to stay in hotelrooms while giving the county's Department of Social Services 30 days to develop a new housing planthat spreads them out across the county, would leave the county without the ability to house abouttwo dozen county homeless sex offenders.  Presiding officer William Lindsay (D-Holbrook), whowrote the legislation after consulting with Social Services commissioner Gregory Blass, said he isdisappointed in Levy's decision. Lindsay's legislation would establish a network of mini-sheltersin industrial areas and would cap at six the number of offenders in any legislative district. His voucher system isn't working, said Lindsay, who said he will seek to override the veto. Laura Ahern, executive director of Parents for Megan's Law, said she strongly opposes the vouchersystem and hopes Lindsay's bill is enacted.  She said if there is no agreement betweenlawmakers and Levy, then maybe consideration should be given to placing the options before votersvia a referendum in November.
(New York)