Officials: Suspect in fatal shooting stalked Northwell Health employee for months after break-up

By: News 12 Staff

Nassau police officials say Quay-Sean Renard Hines, the man arrested in the fatal shooting of a Northwell Health employee, stalked her for months before ultimately firing 10 shots at her on March 31 – striking her nine times.

Hines, of Bay Shore, was arraigned Saturday, charged in the death of 33-year-old Amelia Laguerre. He was arrested without incident Friday on his way to work. Officials say he is a postal employee.

District Attorney Anne T. Donnelly called it a particularly “callus case” and that Hines “went to the gym” an hour after the incident. Detective Lt. Stephen Fitzpatrick later said it was the LA Fitness in Levittown.

Nassau officials said Laguerre was a former girlfriend of two years who ended the relationship with Hines in 2021. They said he became “emotionally and physically abusive” and would show up to her workplace and try to “rekindle the relationship.” They also said he burned her clothes but did not say exactly how or when that took place.

He was also suspected of breaking into her apartment in Oct. 2021, Fitzpatrick said.

He said that on the night on March 31, Hines drove to the garage and waited for her to walk to her car. He then shot at her 10 times, striking her nine times – causing her death. Police say the handgun used in the shooting has not been recovered but search warrants have been executed.

A Northwell Health spokesperson said in part, "We appreciate the officers of the Nassau County Police Department and are relieved by news of an arrest in the murder of Amelia Laguerre. Northwell is still mourning the loss of Amelia by this senseless act of violence and we will continue to offer counseling services to team members in need."

He had no prior arrests or any reports of domestic violence. Police officials said he was currently in another relationship.

They also specified that he is not the father to Laguerre's 6-year-old son.

Donnelly said she will ask for Hines to be remanded on a murder charge. Officials also asked anyone who may be a victim of domestic violence to seek help.

“Please don't become another victim. Speak out,” Donnelly said.

The judge remanded Hines. He is due back in court on Tuesday.