December 3, 2019
David Lyden
9 and 10 News

An Otsego County man was back in court Tuesday to learn his punishment after taking a plea in a massive sex crimes investigation.
In April Raymond Neeley Jr. was charged with 60 counts of criminal sexual conduct.
The case took a turn several months later when the victim took her own life.
Neeley accepted a plea deal last month, pleading no contest to a single charge of a fourth-degree sex crime.
That means he does not admit guilt but accepts the punishment.
Tuesday morning Raymond Neeley was sentenced after one of the largest sex crimes investigations in the history of Otsego County.
The court heard first from the victim’s mother-in-law who said what happened shattered dreams, caused anger, heartache and is simply unforgivable.
The judge then had to wrestle with what was a fair sentence in this case.
He said if he could do more, he would do more.
He actually went above the guidelines and sentenced Neeley Jr. to between 16 months and two years, but gave him credit for 588 days he’s already served.
As for Neeley in court, he said nothing

Otsego County Man Sentenced to Prison in Sex Crimes Case

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