Russell Bass, a 42 year old Port Authority cop and divorced father of four, has been charged with a string of crimes that could land him in jail for seven years.  The anguished Queens mother, whose 11 year old daughter was videotaped by the peeping tom while she was taking a shower, has discovered that the pervert had been eyeing their family for al least two weeks.  On October 10, as the girl was getting ready for school, as she showered she spotted a camera pointed at her through the bathroom's ground-level window.  The girl called to her 16 year old sister, who alerted their 19 year old brother and the two older siblings and their mom ran outside, where the boy tackled Bass.  Cops reviewed tapes found in a bag Bass allegedly dropped before his arrest.  The tapes included film of the mother and her daughters on several mornings as they showered, used the toilet and got ready for school or work.  They also show bikini-clad women on a beach and a social gathering of teen girls.  Bass has been holed up in his Hempstead home after making $75,000 bail last weekend.