January 23, 2020
Amanda Woods

A man barged into an Oregon woman’s home and sexually assaulted her and her 5-year-old daughter — who courageously tried to fight back, the still-shaken mom said this week.
Taliya Waliser, 26, of Wood Village, told FOX 12 that she was nursing her 6-month-old son early Sunday when she spotted a dark, shadowy figure in her doorway.
“I was like, ‘Who are you?’ and then the light turns on,” Waliser recalled. “And, I just realize that there is a strange man in my house. His pants were down to his ankles. And I just remember grabbing my son and scooting up all the way to my headboard.”
Then the man — later identified as 24-year-old Alfredo Guzman-Padilla — smothered, choked and sexually assaulted her in a sick, hour-long attack, she said.
“I remember kicking and kicking and kicking. And I remember punching him in the side of the head,” Waliser said. “And he just was smiling and laughing the whole time.”
Her 5-year-old daughter’s quick-thinking actions may have saved the day, she said.
“My daughter comes into my room and starts attacking him, kicking him, scratching him — doing whatever she can,” Waliser said.
That momentary distraction allowed the young mom to grab her phone and quickly call 911, but her attacker flung it across the room, she said.
“I was just thinking … ‘So this is it,’” Walliser told the station. “I couldn’t breathe. I just remember wanting air. I kept looking in the corner of my eye, seeing my son just screaming. I couldn’t do anything about it.”
Padilla also choked and sexually assaulted Waliser’s daughter, she said.
“I kept telling him, ‘Focus on me,'” she told KGW 8. “‘Don’t focus on my kids, don’t hurt them.'”
Eventually, Padilla “casually and slowly” left the home, Waliser told FOX 12.
Waliser checked her phone and found that her 911 call had actually gone through. She gave the dispatcher a description of her attacker — whom authorities found naked at another apartment complex three hours later, according to the report.
Padilla — who now faces more than two dozen charges — was arrested twice last year for public indecency, according to KGW 8.
“I feel like the system failed,” Waliser told the station. “I want to see him gone for life. I don’t want him to get out and think it’s okay to do this to somebody else.”

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