PERV’S LUCKY DAY (Outrage as judge gives kid-rapist 12 year deal)

Arturo Soriano, a 28 year old Queens pervert who spent an entire weekend sexually abusing his girlfriend's 10 year old daughter, was sentenced to 12 years in prison yesterday after a judge offered him a deal, despite a prosecutor's cries of junk justice.

Assistant DA Eric Rosenbaum told Supreme Court Justice John Latella, The people oppose this plea bargain in the strongest terms for many reasons.  His acts were extreme, they were calculated, they were depraved.  Rosenbaum said Soriano was taking his young victim out for pizza on April 3, 2003, near her Jackson Heights home, and never returned.  There was a citywide manhunt for the child, who turned up three days later.  He said that during that time, Soriano, committed unspeakable acts, every form of sexual abuse.  A 12 year sentence for the defendant who committed these crimes is not right, said the prosecutor, who requested the judge give Soriano 20 years.  It's not justice.

(New York)